Time Racing Engines

Time Racing Engines

Rotax Authorised Service Centre! Its official, DHR have launched the Rotax engine division under the title of ‘Time Racing Engines’. Time Racing Engines specialises in the supply, preparation and support of racing kart engines. With vast amounts of knowledge of the Rotax product it seemed only right that Dan now puts this into building and preparing engines . With the very latest dynamometer at our Whilton Mill workshop, we can ensure peak performance from all aspects of the engine. Everyone can gain from this exciting opportunity and we invite you to contact us for any Rotax engine rebuild, preparation work or new engine sales. Come get a piece of the action and benefit from 17+years of Rotax racing knowledge. Rotax British & European Champions 2018.

Rotax Authorised Service Center

Dyno Facility Engine power and torque testing

2018 saw DHR invest in a state of the art in house Roteg dyno facility. With a fully automated dyno simply stand back whilst your engine is power tested from the comfort of our new engine department. Capable of running Iame Cadet, X30 and Rotax engines the dyno gives you the opportunity to come and test your equipment independently. Also, with the ability of running engines in after rebuild or power testing individual components. Engine and carburettor preparation is also available.

The team’s dyno is available to rent by the hour, 1/2 day or full day. From a single engine power test to a full team’s kit we can run through anything and everything to give you the information and edge you need. Take the guess work out of it!

Time Race Engines Dyno Room