DHR Jig- Kart Chassis Check and Straighten Service

Kart Chassis Jig and Straighten Service

DHR- Dan Holland Racing would like to announce a special offer on their 1st class Kart chassis straightening and jigging service. The state of the art purpose made Jig since arriving has proven to be worth its weight in gold assisting many drivers and teams to swiftly check and straighten their karts.

The mobile jig means DHR can check and straighten any kart at any race circuit they are attending during the weekend. The Jig facility is also available during the week and customers are invited to visit the DHR workshop for a full chassis assessment and if required straighten.

The Kart Jig can cater for any 50mm axle kart chassis although it has been designed around OTK karts (Alonso, Tonykart, Kosmic etc) and has specific features to ensure a full comprehensive check is carried out.

DHR would like to offer:

½ Jig (Chassis Check) £30 +vat

Full Jig (Comprehensive Chassis check & Straighten)  £50+vat

So next time you’re unsure regarding your karts handling why not come and see DHR for a kart Jig.  Whether it is at the race track or at the DHR workshop everyone’s welcome. For more details or to arrange an appointment please call Dan on 07960 047810 or email dan@danhollandracing.co.uk.

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DHR Jig- Kart Chassis Check and Straighten Service