UK based DHR Kart training days, Tuition and Coaching days are now available for booking. Training days for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced drivers available.

Multiple British and European Champions Dan Holland Racing team known as DHR based form their state of the art workshop at Whilton Mill Kart Circuit are able to provide one to one driver coaching and training from both the Whilton Mill Kart circuit and other UK national tracks. Working from within the DHR workshop customers can benefit from a warm, light and fully equipped environment whilst enjoying their driver training experience.

DHR have introduced a number of set training day programmes from novice to advanced drivers seeking to improve their driving skills, all of which can be tailored around the driver to ensure they work on keys areas of improvement.

Driver training days involve an initial fact finding discussion between the trainer and driver so we can understand what are the target areas for improvement. From this we take a detailed track walk which will be undertaken with one of the team training managers.

During then a series of on track test sessions full driver coaching will be provided working on the agreed areas. Full data logging equipment will be provided and downloaded after each on track session for review with the driver. With the use of data analysis improvement's can be made and seen using the information the data gives us.

Areas of focus can be: General Race Craft to include: Racing Lines, Overtaking, Track Positioning and Consistent Driving.

Improving Lap times to include: Smooth driving, Steering position, Braking and Accelerating Techniques

Chassis setup to include: assistance with understanding the chassis and improving the balance. How to feel and understand when the chassis has understeer or oversteer, too little or too much grip.

Wet weather driving to include: Racing Lines, How to find the Grip, Driving Techniques and General Confidence and Feel.

DHR can provide full equipment for the day from the fully functioning high spec Rotax Team Kart to race suit and helmet. Alternatively owner drivers are welcome to use their existing equipment and DHR are happy to simply provide the relevant advice and facility.

DHR are also able to provide on track driver training with one of our highly successful drivers. By this DHR mean we can go on track with another kart with the training driver to help push you to your limits. By chasing round one of own test drivers you will be able to see where you are going wrong in real time and hopefully instantly improve your lap times. We can also use this method to work on race craft and wet weather driving.

DHR Training Day Courses available at Whilton Mill circuit week days and on some limited weekends. Contact the team for more infomrtaion or to book your training day.

Prices start from just 150 +vat.

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